Louisiana Tech University

Division of Finance and Administration


Offices and Departments:

Vice President:  257-2769

Comptroller:  257-4325

Environmental Health and Safety:   257-2120

Human Resources:  257-2235

Information Systems and Financial Planning 257-4832

Motor Pool:  257-2937

Office Services:  257-3471

Physical Plant:  257-3267

Post Office:  257-3494

Power Plant:  257-4707

Property:  257-2742

Purchasing:  257-4205

Tech Express:  257-4553

Technical Services:  257-3097

Telephone Switchboard:  257-5000

Telephone System: 257-3525






Louisiana Tech University is a Member of the University of Louisiana System


Division and Recommended Links:

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2013-2014 Fringe Benefit Rate

2013-2014 Displacement Allowance

Current Fee Sheet

Professional Services Contract Sample

    Professional Services Checklist

    Professional Services Contract Routing Form

    Contract Routing Form (Not Professional Services)

    Intern and Educational Experiences

Driver Safety Program - Authorized Drivers

Vehicle Fuel Purchase and Use Reporting Training

University of Louisiana System

Insurance for Rented/Leased/Personal Vehicles while used on university business

Telephone Directory

Voice Mail Instructions - access number 9-242-0199

Key and Lock Policy

Employee Key Request Form

Student/Office Set Key Request Form