FEE PAYMENT:  Payments for all assessed tuition and fees, room rent and meal plans must be made at the time set aside for payment, as shown in the quarterly Class Schedule.
FALL Quarter
Expense Sheet
Division of Finance and Administration
Summer Quarter 2011 Expense Sheet

Credit exams and courses pursued on an audit basis are counted for the purpose of determining fees.

*The classification of a student, either Resident or Non-Resident, is based on the University's Governing Board residency regulations. These regulations are available through the Admissions Office in the north end of Hale Hall.


1 $540.00 $535.00 $440.17
2 $550.00 $545.00 $440.17
3 $560.00 $555.00 $440.17
4 $768.00 $760.00 $594.47
5 $1,030.00 $1,013.00 $749.87
6 $1,299.00 $1,274.00 $912.31
7 $1,563.00 $1,529.00 $1,070.75
8 $1,843.00 $1,801.00 $1,244.18
9 $1,843.00 $1,801.00 $1,244.18
10 $1,843.00 $1,801.00 $1,244.18
11 $1,843.00 $1,801.00 $1,244.18
12 or more $1,843.00 $1,801.00 $1,244.18


1 $574.00 $569.00 $474.17
2 $614.00 $609.00 $504.17
3 $654.00 $649.00 $534.17
4 $895.00 $887.00 $721.47
5 $1,188.00 $1,171.00 $907.87
6 $1,489.00 $1.464.00 $1,102.31
7 $1,760.00 $1,726.00 $1,267.75
8 $2,047.00 $2,005.00 $1,448.18
9 $2,047.00 $2,005.00 $1,448.18
10 $2,047.00 $2,005.00 $1,448.18
11 $2,047.00 $2,005.00 $1,448.18
12 or more $2,047.00 $2,005.00 $1,448.18


(In Addition to Undergraduate/Tuition)

(Out of State)
(Out of State)
1 $0.00 $0.00
2 $0.00 $0.00
3 $0.00 $0.00
4 $0.00 $763.00
5 $0.00 $1,031.00
6 $0.00 $1,300.00
7 $1,568.00 $1,568.00
8 $1,837.00 $1,837.00
9 $2,106.00 $2,106.00
10 $2,375.00 $2,375.00
11 $2,642.00 $2,642.00
12 or more $2,904.00 $2,904.00

International Student Fee is $40.00

International Insurance Fee is $87.50

Barksdale Course Tuition is $156.00 per credit hour.

Extension and Barksdale courses will be assessed in addition to any on-campus offerings.

Other General and Student Association Fees:

University Annual: $30.00 (Payable by all undergraduates enrolled for 8 or more hours.)  Assessed in Fall Quarter Only.

Energy Surcharge: $9.00 per credit hour up to 8 hours (Payable by all students except Barksdale, Extension, Web, Compressed Video and Intern.)

Technology Enhancement Fee: $5.00 per credit hour up to 12 hours (Payable by all students except Barksdale.)

Associated Women Students: $0.50 (Payable by Undergraduate and Graduate female students enrolled for 8 or more hours.)

Application Fee:  Each undergraduate application for admission will be assessed a fee of $20.  Each graduate application (US or international) will be assessed a fee of $40.   Undergraduate students and graduate students will be allowed to sit out one quarter (not including Summer quarter) without having to complete an application for readmission or paying an application fee.  This fee is non-refundable.

College Fees (Payable by all Graduate and Undergraduate students)

Business Administration Fee $40.00
Business Administration Lab Support Fee $40.00
Education Fee $5.00
Engineering & Science Fee $37.00
Engineering & Science Lab Support Fee $40.00
Applied & Natural Sciences Fee $7.00
Liberal Arts Fee $10.00
Art & Architecture Enhancement Fee $30.00
Nursing Fee $50.00



Important !  These fees are subject to change. This fee schedule is subject to the detail policies of Louisiana Tech University, the University of Louisiana System for Colleges and Universities as detailed and specified in, but not limited to, the published EXPENSE SHEET.

Additional fees may be applicable for some courses and special programs.


ON AND OFF-CAMPUS OFFERINGS:  (Excluding Barksdale)

Students who resign prior to the close of office on:


90% Refund of Registration Fees*   Friday, September 9, 2011
70% Refund of Registration Fees*   Friday, September 16, 2011
40% Refund of Registration Fees*   Friday, September 23, 2011
No Refund after -  Friday, September 23, 2011

Students who drop individual courses prior to the close of office on:

100% Refund - Monday, September 12, 2011
No Refund after  - Monday, September 12, 2011

 *Registration Fees are defined as including all tuition, university fees and self assessments.  No refund of student insurance.  Students who resign from the university through the 9th class day (Tuesday, September 20th)  may receive a 75% refund of room rent and the unused portion of meals. After the 9th class day, no refunds are given on room and meals. Processing of resignation refunds will begin twenty days after classes begin. 

For a student who is deceased any time during the term of enrollment, there shall be a refund of 90% of total fees.


For those students who drop individual courses prior to the close of offices on the final date for late registration, as indicated in the official University calendar, fees will be adjusted to reflect hours pursued.


Tech Express Account:

Tech Express account is the latest development in technology for easier, safer cash management.  This account can be used to make purchases of books, supplies and personal items at the Bookstore and to pay for meals at any Food Service location.  Certain laundry, vending machines and library copiers have been set up to accept the Express Account with more locations to be added.  This optional Tech Express account is available to all students and is offered in addition to the meal plans for undergraduate residence hall students.

You can purchase a Tech Express Account or make a deposit to your current account at the Tech Express Office.  Accounts may be set up during the times set aside for fee payment and the cost can be added to your expense slip.  Students with a refund on their expense slip may apply all or part of their refund to their Tech Express Account


In accordance with the GRAD Act, you can view Louisiana Tech's University
projections of out of state fees for the next four years (Table 4.c.i) and
In-State/Out of State enrollment comparison (Table 4.c.ii)

Louisiana Tech University is a Member of the University of Louisiana System


The payment of fees and bills is an integral part of the student's registration process. A student who is indebted to any department of the University will not receive a transcript to validate credit for academic work already done, nor be permitted to re-enroll, until the indebtedness is cleared. The student must pay or confirm registration to complete the payment process. Failure to complete payment or registration confirmation by the published purge deadlines will result in the purge (cancellation) of the student's classes. See the the "Racing Form" for further details


First Purge - 5:00 p.m. Monday, August 29, 2011.

Second Purge - 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, September 7, 2011.

Residence Hall and Meals

Residence hall space must be contracted on a quarterly basis payable at Fee Payment. Louisiana Tech University reserves the right to increase the cost of residence hall room rent or meals at any time if conditions should require such a change.

See printed Expense Sheet for more details

Regular Room  $875.00
Private Room $1,200.00
University Park  1 (12 month lease) $1,380.00
University Park  1 (9 month lease) $1,590.00
University Park 2 (12 month lease) $1,620.00
University Park 2 (9 month lease) $1,850.00
Park Place 2-4 bedroom (12 month lease) $1,620.00
Park Place 2-4 bedroom (9 month lease) $1,850.00
Park Place 1 bedroom (12 month lease) $1,820.00
Park Place 1 bedroom (9 month lease) $2,000.00


5 meals/week + $450 Declining Balance $880.00
10 meals/week + $225 Declining Balance $880.00
15 meals/week + $150 Declining Balance $880.00
19 meals/week + $60 Declining Balance $880.00
$880 Declining Balance $880.00
Premium Plan (19 meals/week + $200 Declining Balance + 5 Guest Passes $975.00
Commuter Meal Plan - $200 Declining Balance $200.00
UP 1 Meal Plan $400 Declining Balance $400.00
UP 2 Meal Plan/Park Place $380 Declining Balance $380.00

Policy on Return of Title IV Funds

The Louisiana Tech University Financial Aid Office is required to administer a return of federal student aid funds that complies with the Higher Education Act Reauthorization of 1998. Federal financial aid includes Federal Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG), LEAP funds, Perkins loan, Stafford loans, and PLUS loans. The policy that follows complies with the federal requirements.

Title IV funds are awarded to a student under the assumption that the student will attend school for the entire period for which the assistance is awarded. When a student withdraws, the student may no longer be eligible for the full amount of Title IV funds that the student was originally scheduled to receive.

The Financial Aid Office recalculates federal financial aid eligibility for students who fail to attend, drop out, resign (officially or unofficially), or are dismissed prior to completing greater than 60% of the enrollment period. The enrollment period is computed from the "classes begin" date to the "last day of classes" date. Recalculation is based on the percent of aid earned using the following formula:

Number of days completed divided by Total Days in the Quarter equals Percent Earned.

The date used in the calculation is defined as the date of last attendance. The University must return any unearned aid that was applied to institutional charges. The student then owes the University the amounts returned to the federal aid programs. The student may also be required to return/pay some portion of the federal aid received as a refund to the student. For example, if a student was enrolled for 30% of the enrollment period, the student is entitled to only 30% of the aid received; thus, 70% of the aid must be returned.

Please be aware that students must have attended at least one class after 60% of the enrollment period. If this date occurs after the completion of greater than 60% of the enrollment period, the student is considered to have earned 100% of the Title IV aid received (see schedule of attendance).  For the Fall Quarter 2011, the last day to drop with a "W" is October 28, 2011.  The student who attends beyond October 20, 2011 is considered as having earned 100% of the federal financial aid.

While this return of Title IV funds policy applies solely to students who receive federal financial aid, it must be understood that the Louisiana Tech University refund policy may also be applied to financial assistance received from other than federal sources. The student may owe a refund to the University on the basis of their refund rules. Details of the University refund policy are located in the "Racing Form" and quarterly "Expense Sheet".